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Running in the rain

If I close my eyes, memories of my childhood days flood back with great clarity. When I was 11 we moved to a small city in Wisconsin. Our house was located one block from a golf course. On warm rainy days my friend and I would run, jump, shout and joyfully laugh on the golf course. What a gift to have remembering such a freeing and happy experience. We also would toboggan on this same golf course. The golf course partially bordered the railroad tracks. One blissfully snowy winter day a group of us were sledding down the hill. It must have been icy as my toboggan flew down the hill toward the oncoming train. Thankfully, an adult who was a friend of our family was at the bottom and grabbed me off the toboggan and pushed it away from the tracks. I have lived to tell the tale thanks to the quick thinking individual. :)

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