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We all have Serendipitous moments in our lives. A few years also I was a volunteer at a friends clinic which she and her husband had opened up in Minneapolis. I stood at a station ready to offer tea, water or coffee to incoming patients. One day a charming, elderly woman came in and started sharing a card with me that she had created to send to her friend. It was lovely. Apparently, she had saved her cards that she had received and was recycling them by cutting the front off and using them as a postcard. So clever of her. :) She continued to share with me bits and pieces of her recent move to Minneapolis as her son had moved her out of state to an apartment in Minneapolis with all new furniture so she would be near to him. Understandably, she was not happy with this decision as she would have preferred her old furniture which represented her memories, her life plus she missed her home. It was fascinating to listen to her stories and I was honored she trusted me with them. I have held her actions and her words close to my heart all these years as a reminder of life, intentions and consequences. I am sure she settled in and was grateful to be near her son as she was obviously a very sentimental woman. People are filled with so many experiences/stories. What is yours? I would love to hear about you.

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