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Snow Angel or Snowflake

Everyone has a place that they can truly relax and reflect. Although I can find my home to be my refuge and a place to truly relax at different times throughout the year, my place to leave the list of "must dos" is Sanibel Island, Florida. When I am vacationing on Sanibel I am able to reenergize and address my life as it is at that moment in time. Recently my husband and I were able to get away to the warmth and sunshine of Sanibel. We have very close friends who live there 6 to 9 months of the year and on this recent visit we were able to get together often. One day, my dear friend and I decided to go up to Captiva for lunch and store browsing. When we entered a favorite store of ours, the sales person asked us if we were snow or a snowflake. Obviously confused on our part, she proceeded to tell us that a customer asked her that once when shopping in the store. A "snow" is a person who owns a place on Sanibel and is on the Island for a few months each year whereas a "snowflake" is a person who pops down for a short vacation during the year. Obviously my friend is "snow" and I am a "snowflake". As I find Sanibel to be a happy place where smiles are on everyones face, I like to think of the people who live, work or own a place on Sanibel as snow angels. Snowflakes glitter and sprinkle adding to the happy snow angels already in place. This is true also where I live. Yes, it currently is extremely cold but the snow I see outside my window makes me smile and grateful for my family and friends for they are my "snow angels" who bring me warmth and comfort in my heart. Covid has brought on so many challenges but we must all look for our "snow angels". May you find your own "snow angels".

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